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Ruvik 3D Model

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Hello folks,

I'll be back soon with new projects related to the Sims 3 (cuz I dislike the fourth game) ^^
I've been absent for RL matters but I think that I can manage to be more active in the next time.
Just wanted to share this Ruvik model I did time ago. This was my first try to recreate him with DAZ Studio. The reason I'm reposting him here is simple. I found a lot of ppl sharing my work on Twitter, Pinterest, FB, Instagram (cause I also used it for a certain time) and on other social media sites and it's OK.
I really feel honored about this, honestly, but I had to contact some of those people because of the copyrights and not giving any credits to me and it made me kinda sad. :/

So if you see this picture around the web, it's created by me, with textures, bumps, normals, specs. Needed about 4-5 months to recreate.
If you want to repost this, please always give credits, like I always do for other ppl. :)

I did this character only for personal use, so I'm not willing to share the model but if you have questions related to how recreating him the best way with DAZ Studio, feel free to ask.

- Laura

Ruvik V. 1 (still no artificial cranium), 2D texture.
Actual version already has it, plus 3D brain inside it.

TEW to Sims 3 Conversions (WIP)

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Here are some portraits from The Evil Within I converted for the Sims 3. Would really like to share, but still have to ask Regal Sims for permission, cause I used the bases / frames (btw. great work Regal Sims for the baroque portraits. Love them all!) 
I did this only for private use first. As soon as I'll get the permission, I can share them!

TEW portrait conversions BY ME

Testing some skins 'n shit

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Still working on a lot of stuff then got problems with the Sims 3 (ONCE AGAIN) had to re-install the game plus expansion packs and now it looks like it would finally work without freezing or crashing back to desktop. Gosh, I'm so F****** done with this game! -.-

Anyway, I wanted to show you one of my current skin projects. I didn't think I would really make a wish come true, but I did... partially. It's still not perfect but a good start.

Creating and testing the skin for Ruben Victoriano aka. Ruvik from TEW / Psycho Break. ♥
Still have to find a way to create his artificial cranium with brain in 3D.

Edit: I'd so like to do it also for the Sims 4, but I dislike the fourth game for some reasons.... sticking with Sims 3.
Nooope, it's NOT his sis Laura with short hair (because of teh red dress)... just some kind of... *cough* neighbor xD nah, I liked the pics a lot. Wanted to post... did it. >:3
Another romantic shot I did yesterday. ^.^"
Omygod I feel really bad! x]

Khajiit skins still in beta testing phase...

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Got a lot of crashes using these skins but I still don't know WHY it's like that... I wanted to publish the Khajiit Skin Pack by Halloween but I think it's not possible, so it will take a lil bit more time. Really, really sorry for that.... :((

BUT I could work on two other skins for Halloween. :)
One for your female sims, the skin from the Angry Princess ( WIP preview) and I also wanted to do another one only for male sims.
I already have the textures for her but I'm looking for The Evil Within's Ruben "Ruvik" Victoriano textures. Has any of you seen the original texture pack, maybe from Xnalara models? If not, I have to work on it by myself with photoshop, like I did for the Angry Princess. It took me about three weeks, but he seems to be a bit more complicated.

Both would be just perfect for Halloween! I hope I can do that.

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